jeudi 8 décembre 2011

Capitol release 1


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  1. Thanks for the Capitol!
    Ib Glindemann did a bunch of Travel Capitol Production Music records.
    This one is nice.

  2. Nice collection here. I don't suppose we have any idea who the musicians are on this one? I could see most of these being used as background for cartoons, frankly. Stereotypes galore, which I guess is the bread and butter of library music.

    Thanks for all the shares, by the way. New library music is always welcome!

  3. Comp: Ib Glindemann
    That's the only information on the label of this LP
    you can find more information at Wikipedia about his orchestra
    Sorry CBlack but i don't know exactly who they are
    on this one...I just suppose ;)

  4. Can You Re-Up This ?