lundi 9 janvier 2012

Themes TIM 1028

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  1. thanks! for this upload….

    The claps on: L'eroe di plastic, keep following me :-) (=previous upload)

    Cheers, nice taste,

    PS: In case you need anything in your library collection, just let me know.

  2. Yes Dirkson, it's a Re-up,
    I Up it 4 years ago on "Fewdiggin" blog ;)

    PS: Of course i miss a lot of Library and what i need is a long list :)
    Do you have any treasure?


  3. :-) Just name some, and I'll see what I can find ...


  4. thanks Dirkson,
    So, i try 3 request:
    Apollo sound 5033 Rhythm and melody vol.12
    Coloursound - CS 36
    Themes tim 1027
    I'm looking for them since a long time
    any chance ?

  5. :-( I do have

    - Apollo Sound - APP 5035 - Melody & Rhythm Vol. 14
    - tim 1026 - things to come
    - CS 35 - joel vandroogenbroeck - however
    - CS 37 - john tender & mladen franko - children pets and clowns

    And many, many more... (so these were quite close, sorry)

    Any other suggestions I hope?

  6. Many thanks for your help dirkson,
    Maybe we should talking on another place, or it will be very long ;)
    sometimes i'm on slsk as [(Sub)]...

  7. Got that Themes, you know where 2 find me....