mercredi 10 octobre 2012

Loops rare breaks Vol 4

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  1. A number of these library compilations are definately ol skool - true and real per content - but also per date of release.

    I was wondering something about the WB-compilations: Are they put together on the fly (as current releases) or are these also old in their release date?

    I also miss proper tracklisting for several tracks/compilations - are all tracks Royalty Free or do the compilations contain what could be copyrighted material?

    1. Old school of coorse, because I am :)

      Rare breaks & beats are compilation I do with some rare tracks !
      Several tracklists are false or incomplete , I do that !

      Loop rare breaks are from rare tracks that I loops, and comp.

      All WB are like mix tapes,... just for yoor ears...and I do everyday when I have the time
      Hope Yoo enjoy them

      If yoo want a tracklist let me yoor Email


    2. Thanks for your reply - yes, I see the track listing already is "false or incomplete" ("crooked" as I call it ;) )

      I need tracklistings in case I am using the music for sample clearences (if used) or for my radioshows (pretty much the same (yet much easier) procedure as for sample clearance).

      Alas, the records (apparently) have no Discogs nor CDDB entries - so I am dependant on your tracklists and will use these to name the files properly (with IDTags and all).

      I'll let you know my mail address thru a private message to you - thanks in advance!

    3. Ouch - I was a bit early on that "I'll let you know my mail address thru a private message to you." - there is no contact info in your profile (not in mine, either).

      Would you be able to publish tracklists as a blog submission?
      And to include tracklists for each forthcoming WB-release? ;)

      Thanks in advance!

    4. Yes it woold be nice,... but sorry...not yet !


      Your shit is dope man. Producer from Washington DC

  2. Patrick14/10/12

    Thanks a lot my man. Very interesting stuff, always waiting for the next one!

  3. Thanks Sub.
    Old school rules!

  4. Anonyme22/10/12

    nice blog you have here, may I ask is everything on the blog original music of yours or are these cuts from different albums and compilations? I think I read that you do some mixes but does that mean mixes of original material or are your beats underneath the mixes?


    1. Loops rare breaks are only and simply some loops from original tracks I digg here and there...
      On the first Loops rare breaks (wb 17) I have (simply) mix the loops on 3 tracks.
      that's all!