mercredi 30 janvier 2013

The Great Anime & Sentai Grooves Triple Bash! Pt.1

The Great Anime & Sentai Grooves Triple Bash! Pt.1

Obskuru (Sure Shots of the day) and I teamed up for three comps of the freshest
Anime & Sentai/Metal hero breaks and grooves, wich will be avaible on both blogs.
(special guest cover art by Dope Coral)

Anime & Sentai Breaks 1 - Rare Contact RCS-1005

 One link, three comps ;)

5 commentaires:

  1. Anonyme2/2/13

    I love it, thanks!

    1. Anonyme2/1/14

      Hi, I wanted to know if you did not encounter any problems when you tried to download these links?

      If you succeed to grab them, you can consider yourself lucky, because in my case, I'm still unable to download them, without knowing why.

      Can someone help me please!?

  2. Anonyme21/12/13

    HI [(Sub)], I have tried to download those links, but it seems they do not work properly.
    After the 15 seconds of waiting, the download does not start, and I'm always redirected to the original page.
    So, could you take a look at it, to try to resolve this problem, because I'm really intrigued by these compilations, that I'm eager to discover.

    Thanks a lot to you and Obskuru for the great job you have done, for those amazing blogs.


  3. Anonyme21/12/13

    By the way, I forgot to send a big up to my web-homies Zuli, Cobb, Shad, Bernie and a couple of other who are also big lovers of this kind of sounds.

    Peace to y'all!!!

  4. Link is dead!Please,re-up !Thanks!