jeudi 18 avril 2013

Original tracks of the D.I.T.C. rare breaks Stack One Pt. 1 & 2

Second team up of [(Sub)] & Obskuru brings you two editions of original tracks of the D.I.T.C. rare breaks Stack One & Two. Like the first team up, comps will be available on both blogs. Not on label, no tracklist, just enjoy!

7 commentaires:

  1. thanks but part. 2 is not available for download from mediafire because of one song...

    " "Holy Are You" by The Electric Prunes may be available for download from Amazon."

  2. Well ... now we know the name of one track ... thanks amazon :))

    Ok, I've re-up that Stack 2 Pt.1


  3. Anonyme20/4/13

    A big thanks to these guys for all the numerous, high quality comps. they've uploaded.
    I always wait eagerly for the next one to drop...
    Keep up the good work. Luv this blog...Thanks Webdiggaz !

  4. brian20/4/13

    This comp is amazing, whats track 19? Is that a edit or a orignal track? that break is outstanding!

    1. Yoo're right Brian !
      Is it an edit or original ?
      In fact the track was made in 2002 by the Whitefield Brothers,
      and it sound like 70's ...
      But the original break is from the Funkadelic "Good old music"


  5. Which one has the song bad rep